Listening Bodies: Weekend Retreat

Friday 15 November (6pm) – Sunday 17 November (2pm) 

with Lerato Lipere 

During this retreat we will listen into our bodies, let go of habitually held stress, and explore creative movement. The movement sessions will be based on Skinner Releasing technique which relaxes the body and prepares it to be available to new images or creative ideas.

We’ll open to imagination by not simply releasing the excess of muscular tension but by releasing deep physical pre-conceptions as well – ideas and fears that we hold in our body. We’ll then work on re-patterning the flow of energy in our bodies so that we move from the muscles closest to the body’s centre, the “technique from the bones”. Improvisation will be used to generate new ways of moving and to stimulate creativity.

These sessions will be supported with meditation, yoga, and walks and swims in the river and natural pool.
The retreat is open to all creative spirits, no experience in dance or movement is required.


About Lerato

Lerato Lipere is a dancer and yoga teacher. She studied dance at the London Contemporary Dance School from 2002-2005 where she was exposed to a variety of alternative forms and complimentary styles including various yoga forms, Alexander technique, Feldenkreis, Graham technique and Release technique. She has performed with dance companies in the UK and South Africa, before founding Amandla Dance Company which aims to empower, educate and inform learners from under-served communities through the arts. She is also the founder of  Yoga Monkeys, a mindfulness program that offer a unique opportunity for, supporting and nurturing children to discover their own path to self-regulation, and inner calm.


R1850 per person in a single room or R1650 per person in a shared room. This includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals and sessions.

*Limited discounts/work exchange possibilities are available to those who need them.

If you would like to reserve a place email

Escape, Rejuvenate And Recharge Retreat

Friday 22 November (6pm) – Sunday 24 November (2pm) 

A Black Yogi from Jozi retreat 

Escape the city and take time to give back to yourself, Rejuvenate and Recharge your mind, body and soul.
Our aim is to create a space for you to connect with yourself, the people around you and with nature. We want you to “come back home” to yourselves and to leave feeling utterly rejuvenated, relaxed.

We will be linking our practices and days with practices that you will be able to take home with you, practices that will enhance your everyday yoga practice, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student this retreat is for you.
This is a space to grow, share and connect. Time to let go and let be, question, reflect and learn.
This retreat was inspired not only by our love for the practice of yoga, but our desire to give you the time we so often crave to break away from everyday life and re-connect. With yourself, with others, with nature.

It will include: yoga practices you can take home, meditation, chanting, sound and movement, delicious vegetarian meals and periods of wild silence.

R1880 per person in a single room or R1680 per person in a shared room
This includes 2 nights accommodation and all meals.
Limited spaces available.

Email for more info and to book.

Deepholding: A Reading Retreat

Friday 29 November (6pm) – Sunday 1 December (2pm) 

with Madibookeng – Smangele Mathebula and you, me, all of us

This weekend is an exploration of books and reading as a way to hold ourselves. We will look at certain texts, talk through our reading journeys and allow ample time for you to just read and explore the Lalela library. You are also welcome to bring a book to offer to the library. To hold space is to allow – to allow for listening, rest and for whatever medicine we require to arise.

We will provide some foundation practices: journaling, meditation, nap time, reading, conversation and walking. Be prepared to just switch off and READ 🙂

We invite you to arrive and enjoy the surrounding nature and co-create this space with us.

*this weekend is part of a broader project by Smangele Mathebula which will culminate in a multi-disciplinary exhibition. see:

Smangele (madibookeng) is a healer and teacher who develops projects and spaces around the ethos of courageous living and loving.

R1500 per person in a single room or R1300 per person in a shared room. This includes 2 nights accommodation, all meals and sessions.

*Limited discounts/work exchange possibilities are available to those who need them.


If you would like to reserve a place email

African Centred Vision Quest

Friday 20 March 2020 (2pm) – Wednesday 25 March 2020 (10am) 

*Preparation sessions for this retreat start in January 2020. Bookings are due by December 1.


with Mbali Marais

A vision quest is a powerful process that involves spending time in solitude in nature and includes fasting. Vision quests have been undertaken by people in diverse cultures for millennia and are a profoundly important practice that enables us to slow down so that we can actually feel the connection between our inner and outer nature.

Our busy lives challenge us to stay connected with why we are here and who we truly are.This gift you are about to give yourself, will take you into the realm of re remembering, re dreaming and re visioning.

The practice is an invitation to indigenous traditions of Morning star work (self) Rainbow work (working with another) Medicine Wheel work (working with three or more). It draws from an African perspective that looks deeply into our creative cosmology, Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature, all profound catalysts for reclaiming our personal power. Nature offers a bridge between indigenous knowledge and the wisdom of our ancient ancestors to living in modernity. It is a pathway to finding the genius within often sabotaged by a contemporary world.

Though impossible to list them all, there are a few broad categories describing why people undertake a vision quest: As a rite of passage. To discover their direction, gifts, purpose, or vision. For renewal or reconnection to something they’ve lost. We invite you to step into the unknown to experience the mystery and the magic of this Healing Quest.

The quest includes:
*4, 30 minute preparation sessions with Mbali (via whats app or skype)
*First night camping in community on the land
*2 days and nights camping in solitude in nature with a fasting solution
*Supported process work led by Mbali Marais.
*Healthy meals for the days you are not out on the quest
*2 nights in comfortable accommodation upon return
*2-3 assistants supporting your profound experience


About Mbali Marais
Mbali is a global medicine woman and wisdom keeper, a voice for and awakener of the ancestors. She is an initiated stick diviner in the Dagara tradition and an initiated Igqira in the South African Xhosa tradition. Her teachers include, the late Dr Angeles Arrien, cross cultural anthropologist, and Michael Meade, mythologist and storyteller. For the last 15 years Mbali has facilitated workshops, retreats, and deep nature quests that draw from ancient African practices. She has also spoken and taught internationally on holistic health and indigenous medicine. She is a writer, sacred journey, ritual and ceremony leader. Read more about Mbali on her website:


Your Contribution: R4275
A 50% deposit is due by 1 December 2019. Balance must be paid by February 1st 2020.

Preparation sessions with Mbali via skype or whats app will happen from November 10 2019.

To book a space or any queries in relation to accommodation or payment, email
For further info re the quest contact Mbali at and go to