*We are currently closed for retreats but offer self-catering accommodation for guests to self-retreat, rest and play. See our accommodation page for more information.

Lalela offers a space for self and group retreats and workshops covering a range of methodologies and practices, from meditation to art, writing, vision quests, cooking and gardening, for different ages. 

We also invite collaborations for our long term project Conversations with the Land, which is a series of residencies and retreats guided by the question: Does the land tell the story if we listen? It is an invitation to listen to and with the land as a starting point for how we dream and act in the world, for ourselves and each other.

We welcome groups that would like to rent the space for their own workshops and retreats (in accordance with our basic principles). We can offer delicious vegetarian cooking, guided meditation and movement. For more information, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.





reading on the deck at lalela