Conversations with the land

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Conversations with the Land is an invitation to artists, writers, thinkers, dancers, healers and teachers to spend time at lalela and create work with the land. It is guided by the question: Does the land tell the story if we listen?

Listening is a practise that connects different artistic and spiritual worlds. To listen before we act or create is to allow for ‘others’ to be present in our creations. The others may be people, animals, spirits, plants, water. It may be part of ourselves we’ve neglected. It may be the land.

Each piece of land carries stories. As we try to ‘make sense’ of this present moment to carve new ways, or simply to carve our way, how do we listen to the land? What can it tell us about this moment?

To listen to the land is to listen to ourselves in the land, or on the land. It is to listen to our own stories and dreams in relation to the land. It is to allow ourselves to be channels through which the land speaks and shares its stories and dreams.

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