African Centred Vision Quest 

23-28 September 2020

Registration closes end of April


with Mbali Marais

The passage of time and demands of daily life can result in a sense of loss… loss of the sense of wonder experienced as a child… loss of dreams once so important… lapsing of a commitment to a path, purpose, or practice. In a vision quest, the rules, roles, and routines of normal life are left behind, and — in both simple and profound ways — we experience a resetting of our compass, a renewal of the core truths and commitments that serve to guide us through life. (unknown)

Vision Quests have been taken by many cultures since time immemorial. Solitude, fasting in nature, offers a sacred trinity to the unbroken link to our origins. Everyone and every quest experiences are different and yet the thread weaves seamlessly each time. Remembering our authentic nature is found only when we re-member the primal bonds with Nature herself. And when that happens and our wildness is touched, remembered, our medicine, the medicine we came in with, pushes through like the unfurling new leaf on a twig sprouting through to the light after a forest has gone.

Your experience is enhanced by the environments I choose and that chooses you. Nature is our primal teacher -reminding us of authenticity, life, death and rebirth.

Beautiful Lalela is a place of listening. An ancient mountain, that offers magical forest and gentle landscape  to re-connect with nature’s mystery and our own remembering that we are not separate but a part of our natural world. 

Cost: R4549 Only 6-8 spaces
Includes: 5 nights camping, fasting solution, and all foods when at base camp, all teachings and 2 assistants. 2x 30 minute Preparation sessions via whats app calls. All other prep will be through info packets sent only when you have confirmed your commitment. Preparation will begin in May 2021. 1 zoom session with all participants who are confirmed and paid.
An application form will be sent on request and a vision quest interview will be set up.
For the application form and for more information contact: Mbali –